Rope Access

Meet the Experts

David Graham

David Graham

Operations Quality Lead / Working at Height Technical Manager

Telefon: +44 1224 246408

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Fergus Cameron

Fergus Cameron

Operations Manager - Special Projects/ Rope Access Technical Authority

Telefon: +44 1224 246349

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Due to the nature of our business, Bilfinger personnel often have access to areas of an asset or site which otherwise go unseen. This means we have an opportunity to spot any potential hazards as we assess an asset’s condition.

Process Safety is a means of reducing the likelihood of Major Accidents occurring. At Bilfinger Salamis UK, one of our core safety values is Make A Difference, and through understanding process safety our employees can help identify issues before they become a hazard.

As a specialist provider of alternative access techniques, Bilfinger Salamis UK is one of the largest employers of rope access operatives in the UK.

Industrial rope access is a proven method of achieving a safe work position at height or in areas of difficult access, and offers solutions for inspection, construction and maintenance services across most onshore and offshore assets.

Rope access offers many benefits over traditional access methods such as scaffolding, cradles or MEWP, and allows an extended range of services to be deployed, whilst delivering cost and time benefits for our clients.

Bilfinger Salamis UK is accredited by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and provides rope access technicians for both offshore and onshore requirements.

Bilfinger employs over 600 Rope Access Technicians who are all trained to IRATA levels 1, 2 or 3. Our dedicated in-house Rope Access Technical Authorities are actively involved with IRATA and hold key leadership positions within its organisation, both locally and nationally.


Bilfinger has a fully managed, in-house rope access capability that not only supports our fabric maintenance and inspection teams but also carries a full range of specialist disciplines.

Wind EnergyConventional and Advanced NDT Inspection

Blade Inspection

Repairs and Composite Wraps

Marine Growth Removal

Rigging and Lifting
Fabric MaintenanceHP Jetting

Surface preparation and coating

MechanicalRemoval and reinstatement of secondary steel works

Gratings / handrails

Heat shield

Replacement of pipe supports / pipe works

Specialist protective and integrity composite wraps

Hot tapping

Cold cutting
RiggingInstallation of specialist equipment in confined spaces

Decommissioning works

Assist construction activities
ElectricalCable and cable tray replacement /re-routing

Replacement of lighting

Fire & Gas detection maintenance programmes

Inspection and repair of Ex equipment
InspectionRiser and caisson

Flare and flare tip

Drilling derrick

Collision damage

PFP inspection

Topside structural



Conventional and specialist NDT


Rapid Response Flying Squads

Our Rapid Response Flying Squads are specialist multi-disciplined, IRATA-qualified three-man teams who deal with critical repairs and unique project work within hours of a client’s request.

These experienced teams can deploy at short notice to carry out inspection, maintenance and modifications work, ensuring safety and time critical activities go ahead as scheduled.

Bilfinger Access Academy

In an effort to create new rope access roles and offer career progression for existing employees, Bilfinger Salamis UK created the Bilfinger Access Academy.

 “As we expand into new areas and markets, we want to retain our existing skilled workforce. With the Access Academy we aim to provide a career progression route for our employees, creating new roles and ultimately growing our permanent labour pool,” said Managing Director Sandy Bonner.

Through this initiative existing Bilfinger employees in coating, rigging or insulating trades that have an interest in rope access work are eligible to apply for the Bilfinger Access Academy. If selected, Bilfinger sponsors them to complete the five-day IRATA Level 1 course at their local AIS Training Centre, either in Aberdeen, Grimsby or Newcastle.

The Bilfinger Access Academy also aims to upskill our existing rope access personnel. Employees who have already completed their IRATA Level 1 can apply to sit the Level 2 training and those already at Level 2 can apply to sit the Level 3 training, funded by Bilfinger. Once qualified, employees receive a one-off financial award from the company.