Water Jetting

Bilfinger Salamis UK has extensive experience in the delivery of High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting. Water jetting is a key method of surface preparation, tube bundle refurbishment, pipeline descaling and drain maintenance.

Bilfinger has access to a wide range of water jetting equipment, including remotely operated surface preparation systems which reduce personnel exposure and increase efficiency. Our experienced HP/UHP supervisors and operatives are all trained in water jetting activities in line with the Water Jetting Association Code of Practice.

All Bilfinger jetting equipment is certified Rig Safe to Zone 1 and Zone 2, allowing us to mobilise to any installation or facility.

Our capabilities

Areas of Application

Bilfinger Salamis UK has a proven track record of undertaking remote high pressure and ultra high pressure retro jet cleaning to combat issues in a number of areas on assets. 

  • Production pipework  (1” to 36” internal diameter)
  • Hazardous drains
  • Blackwater and Grey drains 
  • J-Tubes
  • Risers
  • Caissons


  • Caisson Jetting - debris removal
  • Retro jetting
  • UHP jetting surface preparation
  • HP jetting
  • Surface preparation
  • Riser coating inspection
  • Marine growth removal
  • Decommissioning support

Flow Management

During all stages of oil and gas production, process lines and systems can become blocked and restricted with hydrocarbon solid material entrained from the production wells, or due to the build-up of NORM contaminated scale during production. These restrictions or blockages can have critical effects on the safety of the installation and significantly reduce the potential for optimum production.

Bilfinger Salamis UK have the capability to mobilise comprehensive specialist pipeline clearing and inspection packages. 

Our capabilities

Camera Inspection

Bilfinger Salamis UK limited are leading suppliers of camera systems with an extensive portfolio that offer market-leading capabilities for applications ranging from standard filming to thermal imaging. Customised solutions include advanced crawler systems, and camera centralisers that provide inspection capabilities in pipework up to 50” internal diameter. We understand that each application is different with unique specifications and will work closely with clients to provide the fit-for-purpose solutions.

Blockage Removal 

Our specialist cleaning department has a large selection of field-proven blockage removal tools which are effective in the removal of scale, hydrocarbons, wax, and marine growth. All Bilfinger Salamis high pressure and ultra high pressure pumps are diesel driven, zone 2 rated and certified for offshore use. Our topsides teams are highly trained and competent in the use of all our equipment and have years of experience removing all types of blockages from pipe work.

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