Vessel and Tank Cleaning

As an industry leading supplier of specialist cleaning, Bilfinger Salamis UK has a wealth of knowledge and experience with regard to vessel and tank refurbishments.

We have an experienced pool of classified workers, all trained and competent with the latest technology available for use in refurbishment projects.

This allows us to regularly exceed client expectations on what can be critical path projects. Bilfinger Salamis UK are able to offer full vessel management services, including vessel cleaning, inspection, coating repair/replacement and mechanical services.

Vessel Fogging

Many vessels requiring cleaning contain harmful levels of LEL and Benzene gas, as well as contaminated sand. 

We work with our clients to introduce chemicals that will radically reduce these gases and hydrocarbon levels to create a safe working environment for desanding and cleaning of vessels prior to inspection. Our vessel fogging services offer customers:

  • Reduced venting time
  • Reduced cleaning time
  • Reduced overall workscope duration
  • Reduced cost

NORM Monitoring and Removal

Operators often encounter NORM contamination during drilling operations and well workovers. Bilfinger Salamis UK is able to offer a comprehensive Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) services including equipment and material to contain any Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) contaminated drilling equipment or debris recovered during operations.

Carrying out NORM monitoring means client personnel are required to stop and or suspend their primary duties. Bilfinger Salamis UK's RPS services provide a far more efficient preventative contingency support, and should NORM contamination be encountered, Bilfinger Salamis UK can provide containment materials and equipment on-board to allow operations to run continuously with no disruption.

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