Process Line and Flow Management

During all stages of oil and gas production, process lines and systems can become blocked and restricted with hydrocarbon solid material entrained from the production wells, or due to the build-up of NORM contaminated scale during production.

These restrictions or blockages can have critical effects on the safety of the installation and significantly reduce the potential for optimum production.

Bilfinger Salamis UK have the capability to mobilise comprehensive specialist pipeline clearing and inspection packages which can include CCTV camera inspection equipment that allows us to identify the area of concern quickly, minimising the time required in identifying the blockage position.

With an extensive variety of specialist ultra high and high pressure water jetting techniques and nozzle arrangements at our disposal, we can also conduct maintenance quickly with no integrity impact on what can be sensitive production pipework.

In the offshore environment where the primary basis of work is production of hydrocarbons, it is essential for all offshore installations to have effective drainage systems so as to prevent any uncontrolled spillage of hydrocarbons to sea.

Bilfinger Salamis UK offer a wide range of drain line maintenance services which include mobilising to any unexpected blockage or forming part of a planned maintenance programme, to eliminate potential blockages from occurring.

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