Maintenance, Modifications and Operations

Bilfinger Salamis UK aims to provide its customers maintenance services for the entire life cycle of an industrial plant.. From commissioning through to maintenance and efficiency enhancements as well as expansion, conversion or shutdown; with our services we are in a position to advise, accompany and support our customers along the entire value chain with our extensive experience and strong service mentality.

Built on a solid foundation of providing world-class fabric maintenance and inspection services, Bilfinger Salamis offers a full suite of Maintenance, Modifications and Operations services, including technical manpower supply, surveying, fabrication, and construction services.

We support our clients in managing and executing minor repair projects, including maintenance backlog repair orders, ‘like for like’ replacements, ie pipespool replacements, handrails, gratings, pipe supports, etc. When projects are identified, we are able to mobilise our extensive pool of competent technical resources including our teams of highly skilled rope access-trained personnel.

By ensuring a collaborative approach to identifying and understanding clients' priorities and requirement, this allows our team to assess, prioritise, survey and execute a broad range of minor anomalies with defined skill sets.

Technical authorities and qualified design engineers are available via our UK engineering base to assist with design, execution, risk assessment and quality control. We also have knowledge and understanding of ISO compliant composite repairs. This added service line offers the complete installation of composite solutions from design, supply, surface preparation and installation, thus restoring the integrity of our clients‘ pressurised piping systems.

The client benefits from a multi-skilled resource, familiar with your facility, who are focussed on time management, and cost-efficiency.

Our capabilities

Fabrication and Construction

We are capable of fabricating a wide range of items from flowlines, pipespools to support brackets and steelwork to clients specification, including procurement, machining, fabrication, welding, testing and final coating.


Our technicians are trained to carry out a full range of preventive and corrective maintenance activities to keep your asset operating at optimum condition and performance.

Preparation, Planning and Scheduling

We ensure that all activities are planned and scheduled to minimise plant downtime and ensure highest possible technician wrench time.

Offsite Repair Services

Bilfinger Salamis has access to high quality specialist repair centres for rotating equipment, eg motors, pumps, turbines, etc as well as static equipment, eg valves, fabrication shops, etc. This can be backed up with support from Bilfinger Rotating Equipment specialists based in Europe.


Bilfinger has a full range of the digital systems and tools to optimise your operations and process, including Bilfinger Connected Asset Portal (BCAP) a one-stop-shop portal for identifying how your plant and processes are optimised for maximum efficiency. 

Turnaround Services

Bilfinger Salamis offers the full range of shutdown and turnaround services, including MMO, vessel isolation, specialist cleaning, internal coatings, and return to full service.


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