UAV Inspection

The use of unmanned aerial systems (drones) is established as a leading method of survey, inspection and maintenance of UKCS offshore oil and gas installations.

Bilfinger Salamis UK ‘s inspection department owns and operates drones, controlled by our qualified pilots, who use them to carry out close visual and thermal inspections in remote and difficult-to-reach areas such as:

  • Flare towers
  • Cranes
  • Drilling derricks
  • Helideck support structures
  • Under deck/splash zone
  • Risers/caissons

There are strict minimum requirements and regulations for providing a UAS inspection service, both on and offshore for oil and gas industry customers. All UAS operators must obtain the UK Civial Aviation Authority Permission for Commercial Operations accreditation, and all pilots must achieve the CAA Permissions for Aerial Work standard.

Bilfinger is fully CAA-certified, and provides a multi-disciplined inspection team/inspector fully qualified and certified to pilot UAVs in an offshore environment.

This allows us to offer a full visual inspection package to our clients.

Enhanced Safety - Increased Efficiency

Not only does the use of drones for offshore inspection reduce the risk to staff, but it also saves time, resources and cost. Scaffold and rope access are no longer required as inspection can be carried out from a safe location, reducing any risk to personnel.

Bilfinger drone technology can be deployed on an ad hoc basis like any other service provider, however, in addition to our ad hoc services, Bilfinger also train our core technicians to become fully competent UAV pilots. Therefore in addition to the advantages that the drone technology provides, Bilfinger can provide all this with the advantages of no additional personnel requirements.

Bilfinger's drones are piloted by experienced pilots and/or NDT technicians which allows for instant analysis of results, and completion of detailed NDT reports. Our technicians can then carry out work instantly, if required.



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