Late Life Coatings

When asset life expectation is reduced, the focus should still be on integrity management.

But why spend more on a 25-year coating system, when asset life expectancy is just 2-5 years?

An important part of the ultimate refurbishment is corrosion protection by repainting steel structures. Metal pre-treatment is mandatory to get good paint adhesion to these corroded metal substrates, however, in late life maintenance costs and effort must be limited.

Abrasive blasting is possible, but labour intensive and expensive.

Bilfinger Salamis UK has developed innovative technologies to suit this changing environment.

Bilfinger's late life coating system delivers excellent short-term protection and aesthetically enhance an asset, with minimal surface preparation, manhours and reduced cost.

The system utilises a chemical surface treatment to derust, clean, degrease and passivate, reducing the overall footprint, shipping, waste and risk during fabric maintenance operations.

The integrity of ageing assets must be addressed due to :

  • Safety
  • Coating degradation
  • Bimetallic corrosion
  • Heavy salt deposits and guano
  • Past poor maintenance

On these assets, maintenance can involve high costs associated with plant, labour and access, and high risk activity including hot work, high pressure and volatile chemicals.

Bilfinger's efficient two-coat system addresses all of these pain points in a low cost, but high performance technology.