Helideck Modifications and Upgrades

Bilfinger and Semco Maritime have responded to calls for supply chain collaboration in the UKCS by offering operators the ability to safely, quickly and cost effectively upgrade their helidecks from an electrical and structural perspective to meet the requirements of both CAP 437 and 1145.

The 7th edition of the Civil Aviation Authority’s CAP437 regulation has been revised to incorporate the full and final specification for the helideck lighting scheme comprising perimeter lights, lit touchdown/positioning marking circle and lit heliport identification ‘H‘ marking.

The revision is part of a move to continuously improve the approach and landing of helicopters at night, and all operators should have assessed their helidecks for compliance and built plans for upgrade. All assets must be compliant by the end of March 2018 – those which do not have Helicopter Certification Agency (HCA) approved lights fitted will face a restriction on day flights from April 1, 2018.

  • Survey team to identify all access, electrical and structural aspects
  • Integrated multi-skilled installation team
  • Certification of all fire suppression systems, foam concentrates, perimeter netting and EX-inspection
  • Design, build and commission of junction boxes and control panels
  • Fitting of remote light operation controls
  • Specialist cleaning
  • Coating and repair
  • Light fitting
  • Rope access

Integrated Offering

Different lighting and coatings solutions are needed depending on the construction, size and utilisation of each helideck, so Bilfinger and Semco’s joint helideck upgrade team can fit all leading manufacturers’ lighting systems and deliver full rope access support. This means that the team has a minimal impact on core operations and campaigns are accelerated.

Changing out an ‘H’ and circle lighting system has the potential to impact severely on platform operations as helidecks are in regular use.

We know that operators need to use the helideck for regular landings, and that upgrades can traditionally entail a lot of non-productive time. Our integrated helideck team can cover all aspects of the required

CAP upgrades, and also add value by being able to deliver additional scopes, such as upgrading perimeter netting, coatings, replacing tie in points and carrying out EX inspections, and fire suppression and deluge system certification.

Due to the scale of the lighting upgrade requirements, these scopes can be seen as a purely electrical with structural, coatings and rope access elements treated as secondary. But this approach means that operators may engage purely electrical contractors to install lighting and upgrade helidecks, and this can lead to increased reworks and disruption as the structural elements have been missed.

Bilfinger and Semco eradicate this by delivering multi-skilled operatives and removing the boundaries that normally exist between electrical and structural companies. The companies have built relationships with major helideck lighting system manufacturers to gain significant price reductions to benefit clients.

Additional Deck Services

Deck Crew
Helideck Crew
Lifting and Rigging

Bilfinger Semco Collaboration

Bilfinger and Semco have operated a successful collaboration in Denmark since 2008, bringing together complementary skills and competence to support clients such as Maersk, DONG and Hess in fabric maintenance, NORM management, decommissioning and inspection.

The collaboration has delivered streamlined supply chain management, reduced interfaces and successfully exported proven services from the UKCS to the Danish sector.

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