Bilfinger Salamis UK delivers a wide range of surface preparation and industrial painting techniques.

We have qualified specialists in the field of surface preparation using hand and mechanical techniques, including ultra high pressure water jetting and grit blasting.

Bilfinger Salamis UK's National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certified coating inspectors have the capability to carry out specification review, fault diagnosis and third party inspections.

Our focus is on the application of protective coating systems that provide excellent corrosion control at the best value for life of asset, whilst minimising risk to workers and the environment.

Surface Preparation

Typical methods of surface preparation include:-

  • Hand preparation
  • Power tool preparation
  • Hydro-blasting (UP/UHP)
  • Abrasive blast cleaning (dry and wet)  

Coating Application

Our wide ranging experience can be applied to the following specialist coating solutions.

Coating Inspection

Bilfinger Salamis UK coating inspectors monitor all coating applications on site and perform the many tests necessary to ensure the long-term performance of the coatings solution.

This includes on site monitoring of atmospheric conditions, surface preparations, mixing and application of the coatings.

Our NACE-certified coating inspectors have experience in all types of coating and lining applications.

Inspection services include:

  • Surveys and evaluation
  • Specification development
  • Material selection
  • Specification review
  • Technical support
  • Composite wraps



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