Bilfinger Underdeck Access System (UAS)

Bilfinger Salamis UK recognised that the use of conventional scaffolding as a means of access/egress in underdeck and hard to reach locations is time consuming. Our bespoke underdeck system, Bilfinger UAS, offers lightweight components, flexibility of use, and fast installation time, both offshore and onshore.

Bilfinger UAS has been developed by Bilfinger and Layher to achieve an underdeck access platform with minimal contact points to underdeck existing steel beam framework. This new scaffold system uses 750dp aluminium lattice beams. These beams are fixed directly onto Layher suspended upright standards which have purpose designed spigot plates at the top to connect to hanger beam clamps. The use of these beams allows for increased spans between support points, which reduces the number of touch up repair points at the dismantle stage.

Faster install, increased flexibility of use

Bilfinger UAS offers speed of installation, has minimum contact points and minimal conventional tube/fitting components, yet offers loading capacity for various work activities.

The system offers the flexibility to overcome various types of structural, plant and pipework obstructions normally encountered in congested offshore/onshore locations. Additionally, Bilfinger UAS can cantilever past the platform edge by 2m, which makes this product unique compared to other alternative access products currently available. Bilfinger UAS is fully compliant with industry legislation and BSEN12811-1. Due to its lightweight design and ease of installation, the system reduces potential exposure to manual handling and working at height activities.


There is no need for specialist vendors to install or carry out any modifications on Bilfinger UAS. Our existing core crew scaffolders can be trained up in its use.

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