Bilfinger Salamis Launch Connected Competence Suite at Dyce Centre


This comes in the wake of the Connected Competence initiative, which has been established to drive competence standardisation across the UK Oil & Gas industry. Bilfinger, alongside other industry leading businesses, partnered with ECITB (Engineering and Construction Industry Training Board) to develop the Connected Competence framework. The initiative was recognised at the Offshore Achievement Awards 2018, winning the Collaboration Award.

It is anticipated that Connected Competence will benefit both businesses and individuals, creating consistency by providing offshore tradespeople with a standardised means to demonstrate technical competence and reduce the duplication of training and assessment. Qualifications, base pre-mobilisation training, industry specific knowledge tests and ongoing technical tests will all be covered. If an employee moves to another Connected Competence company, the companies will share information relating to their employees’ testing history within the three-year Connected Competence cycle, meaning that training is not repeated and individuals can pick up training where they left off.

Bilfinger’s Managing Director Sandy Bonner said: “At Bilfinger we look forward to simplifying what has previously been a needlessly complicated process, and I am certain we will see notable benefits both for our employees, the industry, and our clients, as we can all ensure confidence in a competent workforce.”

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said: “I’m delighted to see a large company like Bilfinger Salamis embrace the Connected Competence approach to standardised training and assessment and welcome the new facility in Aberdeen.

“This ground-breaking scheme helps to make our sites safer and more efficient, because everyone works in the same way to to the same high standards. Connected Competence also helps develop an engineering construction workforce equipped with transferrable skills that will be a huge benefit to employers across the wider industry.“

The Bilfinger Connected Competence suite is based alongside the company’s Aberdeen mobilisation centre, which has seen 6000 employees receive company induction, training, and assessment since opening in 2016. The Connected Competence suite is manned by invigilators who will work with both Bilfinger employees and other offshore tradespeople who would like to gain this standard. Connected Competence will be rolled out in phases, with the end result that it will cover all basic trades offshore.