Going for Gold - Safety Award for Brian

March 21, 2017

He’s known offshore as “Turbo Wellies” as he’s never seen without his bright yellow wellingtons, but Bilfinger Radiation Protection Supervisor Brian Hale can now add a gold medal to his wardrobe.

Brian, who works on the Judy platform, was recognised by ConocoPhillips for his safety leadership.

ConocoPhillips general manager Brage Sandstad, presented Brian with the Gold Coin award for his “consistent approach to safety.”

He said: “At every break of containment, Brian is present and extends a duty of care to everyone who he works with by ensuring they are adequately protected for the break of containment - clean shaven, correct RPE worn, RPE checks completed etc.

“He is a regular contributor to the PSI system with all submissions clearly describing his intervention, action and follow up to ensure all actions are complete.

“Brian consistently shows great passion and commitment in everything he does and has a great work ethic. He casts a ‘great shadow’ based on strong personal values and consistently demonstrates a great level of care not only for himself but for others.

“Brian is very much a valued member of the Judy team.”

Bilfinger Salamis Chief Operating Officer Sandy Bonner commented: “We have some real safety ambassadors and shining stars within our offshore workforce and it’s very rewarding and encouraging when our customers recognise their ongoing efforts.

“I was delighted to hear this news and Brian should be extremely proud of this recognition from the ConocoPhillips leadership team.”