Oil and Gas Asset Lifecycle Services

Bilfinger Salamis UK supports customers in the oil and gas industry in Northwest Europe with plants in the up, mid and downstream business.

We have extensive experience in offshore and onshore plants, and our services cover all lifecycle phases from planning and design through to development and construction as well as commissioning, maintenance, modification and decommissioning.

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Our unrivalled reputation for delivering the highest standard of service safely and efficiently stems from over 40 years experience providing a full range of integrity solutions to the offshore markets.

We have an established, proven track record providing a range of industrial services to assets at all stages of operations, from hook-ups, major projects, campaigns and turnarounds to late life management, with a continued focus on efficiency and cost reduction. 

Bilfinger provides a range of industrial lifecycle services focusing on integrated delivery to drive efficiency and optimise performance for our clients in oil and gas.

Operating in an extremely challenging environment our key focus is on developing and introducing innovative products, technology and services to ensure that we continue to provide “fit-for-purpose” solutions that deliver results for our clients. 

Bilfinger Salamis UK is uniquely placed in that we have the people, knowledge, technical skills, competency, and continuity, to provide a fully integrated technical services contract.

You focus on your core business, we take care of the rest.

Find and Fix

By amalgamating several key services, disciplines, fit-for-purpose technical solutions and revised processes into a single delivery model, Bilfinger has developed a fully integrated Find & Fix solution that offers significant benefits to our clients.

Bilfinger is in a unique position within the industry to be able to combine the range of services required and the technical expertise to undertake the full requirements of a fully integrated anomaly management service and deliver them all within multi-disciplined deployment teams to maximise work scope efficiency through our Rapid Close Visual Inspection Campaign Teams (RCVI).

Our onshore focal point prioritises work to be carried out (in conjunction with the client) and identifies fall back work to maximise operational delivery.  Anomalies are detailed in the relevant database and closed out through Bilfinger’s QA/QC process.  The relevant paperwork is sent back onshore to the Bilfinger focal point for formal close out.

Bilfinger add value to clients through an integrated and cost effective fabric maintenance and inspection capability that maintains and improves the integrity of assets in order to meet life of field expectations.  We underpin this through effective selection of technology and techniques which fit the application and the expected lifespan of client assets and sites.&nb

Benefits of an integrated approach

Acceleration of the identification, planning, execution and close out of anomalies and defect repairs.
Quick remedial works and avoidance of re-inspections.
Integration of multi-tasked offshore teams requiring fewer mobilisations and POB.
Elimination of the time and costs associated with surveying and maintaining separate survey databases, offering a significant annual saving.
Reduced interfaces and improved communication lines, fewer management and support positions required overall. 
Fit-for-purpose fabric maintenance strategies.
Rope access capability reduces downtime and increases efficiency.
Reduced administration and documentation.  
Digitisation of reporting using tablet technology synchronised with an onshore integrity management module increasing quality and efficiency. 

End-to-End Strategy - Inspect, Repair, Maintain

The ongoing safe operation of ageing assets is of utmost importance, and companies must ensure they get maximum value from any maintenance work scopes. With operators looking to extend the life of many UKCS platforms and postpone decommissioning, industrial services contractor Bilfinger Salamis UK is at the forefront of the asset life extension market.

Integrated inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) is common on subsea assets as there are real benefits for operators, including reduced interfaces, and time and cost savings. We are able to offer the same benefits on topsides facilities of existing ageing assets

Over 40 years’ of supporting oil and gas operators in fabric maintenance work scopes gives Bilfinger Salamis UK unique insight into solving clients’ inspection, repair and maintenance IRM issues.

The company has invested significantly in products which are carefully selected and developed to carry out any necessary repairs.

Our technical authorities are constantly searching for innovative products and services to aid clients in their asset management strategies.

We’ve carried out a lot of development in late life coatings, positioning us at the front of the market for assets nearing end of life. We supply coatings to specifically meet the proposed life of different assets, anywhere from under three years, to more than 10. These take less time to apply and cure, with a lower level of surface preparation required, less heavy equipment required, and are less labour intensive.

We have invested in in-house asbestos management, blasting medium, and find and fix modifications such as composite wrap systems

We have recently introduced a new alternative access product – Bilfinger Underdeck Access System (UAS). This underdeck access system provides a flexible yet stable platform to undertake painting, inspection and small bore pipework installation and refurbishment. Bilfinger UAS can be implemented by our trained and competent scaffold team, and its lightweight construction means installation time is reduced compared to traditional systems.

These products complement Bilfinger Salamis’s end-to-end IRM strategy, which sees the company working with operators on value added scopes. Inspection services, specialist cleaning, alternative access and deck services are offered in an integrated package with existing fabric maintenance services such as insulation, fire-proofing, and industrial coatings. This ensures maximum operational functionality; limiting downtime, whilst protecting the health and safety of workers and the environment.

We are able to offer a strategy which assures operators of asset integrity throughout the operational life cycle, using a suite of services including integrity management, survey, inspection, repair and maintenance.

Combining these key services allows Bilfinger Salamis UK to reduce interfaces, improving communication lines with clients. The company’s ability to provide multi-task offshore teams means fewer mobilisations are required, and persons-on-board (POB) is reduced, further reducing associated costs.

Service Overview

Fabric Maintenance

Inspection Services

Specialist Cleaning and Environmental Services

Asbestos Management

Architectural Outfitting

Minor Modifications