Peter Ross

From playing tennis against Andy Murray as a youth, to working his way up to Project Manager at just 30-years old, Peter Ross' ambitious nature has paid off.

Peter is part of Bilfinger's Regional Talent Programme, an international year-long course that enables participants to develop the awareness, skills and mindsets they will need for future success.

It contains a blend of knowledge and skill inputs, authentic and challenging experiences, direct exposure to a broad view of Bilfinger, and expert support and facilitation to enable participants to unlock their own potential.

Abigail Robertson

After debating whether to study mechanical engineering for fear of being the only female in her class, Abigail discovered a love of structural design, leading to a career as a scaffold design engineer.

Jinda Nelson

Making the decision to follow a passion from her schooldays led Jinda Nelson to a role which allowed her to balance family life with an engineering career.

Ryan Clegg

Scaffolding technical authority Ryan spends his weekends sailing on the Norfolk Broads, a world away from the often harsh conditions of the North Sea.

Mandy Fearnehough

Rope Access Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician Mandy carries out inspection of the plant and structural aspects of offshore assets to help create plans to maintain their integrity.

Steven Gunn

Trainee inspection engineer Steven's enthusiasm to further his career in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) earned him an award from the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing.

Steven Ewing

Steven Ewing has taken an unusual career path to become a planner on one of Bilfinger's key contracts.