Mobilisation Centres

Our main aim is always to send people to the work site trained and briefed with a clear understanding of the company’s safety culture, expectations, and representing Bilfinger as an employee.

As a service provider, our employees spend their days working on another company’s asset, so it is important to us that they feel engaged as a Bilfinger employee, and feel integral to our values and safety culture.

Our Mobilisation Centres in Aberdeen and Norwich are a vital part of our strategy to reach the offshore workforce in a consistent and joined-up way. All staff travelling offshore visit one local facility to receive company inductions and pre-mobilisation briefings, as well as information on offshore safety practices and permit training.

The Mobilisation Centres show a respect for our people - we deliver their training and induction in a quality space, located next to their accommodation so we’re not asking them to spend their mobilisation day travelling back and forth the city. It’s a relaxed experience where they get to meet their project team and actively engage with their colleagues.

The centres also allow us to promote a culture of positive workforce engagement by delivering a wide range of modules including risk assessment training, trade tests, client CBT training, face fits, current safety modules, and company-wide safety campaigns. Our rope access technicians can also be tested against our procedures while receiving practical demonstrations of equipment.

When attending a Mobilisation Centre, new employees and those returning to the company after three months or longer, complete our behavioural safety program Act Safely. This introduces employees to our safety values, and procedures such as our safety observation system, peer audit technique and process safety procedure. They sign a charter, acknowledging their commitment to our safety culture.

Services offered:

  • Pre-Mobilisation Briefings
  • Company Inductions and internal safety trainingEnvironmental Awareness 
  • ISC Red Familiarisation
  • Rope Access Procedures and Exam 
  • Bilfinger Trade Tests
  • OPITO Trade Test
  • ECITB Knowledge Test
  • Client Specific CBT
  • Shoulder Measurements
  • Face-Fit Test
  • Vision Test
  • S-Cape (Norwich Mobilisation Centre)


Bilfinger's Mobilisation Centre is a recognised Connected Competence test centre. Find out more on our Training and Development page.


In 2019, we welcomed over 2,500 delegates to our Mobilisation Centres in Aberdeen and Norwich.


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