Work For Us

Our business depends on employees who bring a broad range of experiences, qualifications and perspectives to the work they do. The diversity of our employees is undoubtedly a key factor in our ability to successfully rise to the challenges in a constantly changing world and continually expand our market position.

At Bilfinger, all employees enjoy the same opportunities in terms of hiring and their ongoing development within the company. There can be no discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, disability or age. The diversity of our employees enriches our company – and is a key factor for our corporate success.

Our policy is to hire people with the right qualifications and skills for a specific post. An integral part of that approach is our compensation system, which is geared solely to the requirements of the position, individual performance, the conditions and competition for talent in the local market as well as pay scale agreements.

Bilfinger Salamis UK - Asset Lifecycle Specialist

Employee Benefits

Bilfinger Salamis UK offers attractive remuneration packages and a range of employee benefits for salaried staff.

Training and Development

A diverse range of tasks and responsible projects provide our employees with a flexible, cross-functional development. With our guidance they can follow their own career path at Bilfinger.