Health, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality at Bilfinger Salamis UK

Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental awareness is at the heart of our business.

At Bilfinger Salamis UK, we deliver circa 4 million manhours a year - offshore and onshore – and it is fundamental that every member of staff operates in a safe manner and in a structured HSEQ driven environment. 

We have developed a strong culture at all levels to promote a proactive and preventative attitude to safety and accidents/incidents. Supervision is selected based on their competencies, experience, ability and ongoing commitment to drive and motivate the need for working safely, intervention and open reporting.

All personnel sign up to and commit to a safety charter and actively participate in Bilfinger’s behavioural safety campaign, SAFETYWORKS!, working to the four cornerstones - We Know The Risk, We Follow The Rules, We Work Together, and We Make A Difference.

Bilfinger Salamis UK expects all of its employees and sub-contractors to understand their responsibilities regarding health and safety and to familiarise themselves with the terms and requirements of the company’s health and safety standards and procedures.

  Occupational Health

Bilfinger Salamis UK recognises that good health and safety management is crucial for the welfare, physical wellbeing, mental health and morale of all employees and is an essential contributor to development and success.

Our main priority is the integrity and health of employees and third parties for. Our goal is always to have zero safety incidents. 

SAFETYWORKS! is Bilfinger Salamis UK's behavioural safety programme for the sustainable improvement of safety performance.

SAFETYWORKS! is broken down into three layers - two Commitments (from Leadership and the Workforce), four Safety Values and six Competences. Every employee signs a SAFETYWORKS! Charter when they join the company, committing to our safety processes and procedures.

With this programme, we continue to deliver safety excellence through a culture that ensures that everyone who works for us displays the right behaviours and makes the working environment a safer place. The programme keeps us on the “Road to Zero”, our goal of zero work-related accidents.

Our Life Saving Rules apply to all employees to highlight potential risks in the workplace, and align with those of our clients.

  Environmental Protection

Bilfinger Salamis UK provide contracting services to a wide range of industry sectors and it is recognised that our activities may impact the environment, and therefore we are committed to minimising adverse effects.

We recognise that the promotion of good environmental management is essential to sustaining the environment and environmental resources, and also results in healthier conditions for work and social activity.

Bilfinger Salamis accepts its responsibilities under statutory legislation. The Managing Director has overall responsibility for environmental performance within Bilfinger Salamis UK Limited and is supported in these duties by the appointment of a suitably qualified professional HSEQ resource.

  Quality Assurance

Our management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and Bilfinger Salamis UK is a Type C Inspection body accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012.


All company policies, procedures, forms, risk assessments and other controlled documentation are contained within the Total Management System (TMS).

SAFETYWORKS! is a company-wide behavioural safety programme for the sustainable improvement of safety performance.