"A career in engineering is incredibly fulfilling."

Tell us a little about your work and what it involves?

I originally joined the business in the architectural department, before moving into a wide-ranging role last year covering operations, innovation and business development. In my job, I am involved in tendering, developing new technical solutions and working with industry bodies to see how Bilfinger can contribute to projects in the North Sea.

Why did you choose the career path you have?

Whilst at school I loved design and was fascinated with how things were made, so I was disappointed to discover that technical drawing wasn‘t offered to girls, and realised I‘d have to study home economics instead. After having my son, I was looking for flexible career options. I still had a love of design and engineering so I decided to enter further education, and achieved an honours degree in architectural technology

Did you have any particular influencers that encouraged you into a STEM career?

My father, without a doubt. I grew up in a country cottage which my parents bought in a run down state and completely renovated. He would often sit me down and scribble one of his construction problems down and the two of us would work together to find a simple and affordable solution. I guess I was designing and thinking about engineering from a young age. Now we‘ve swapped roles and he helps me with my own renovations.

What’s the best thing about working in a STEM role?

Seeing a problem and figuring out a solution is very satisfying.

I was also recently appointed Chair of the board of directors of industry group Decom North Sea, which in itself I’m very proud of. The board drive strategic direction and the delivery of the organisation’s objectives, relating across the scope of decommissioning activity. It was when my appointment was published online, however, that I showed the story to my son and he said: ”I’m so proud of you Mum.” “I took real pride in that moment.

Why is it important for us to celebrate women engineers?

I wish I‘d had a female role model to demystify engineering as a career. There are so many amazing women in engineering now who have pushed through boundaries and proved to so many females that a career in engineering is not only possible, but incredibly fulfilling.

What would be your advice to young girls considering a career in engineering?

Never be afraid to challenge what people think you can do.

Name: Jinda Nelson

Job title: Innovation & Technical Development Engineer

Joined Bilfinger: 2013