"The industry needs more female engineers."

Tell us a little about your work and what it involves?

My job involves using design software to map out offshore areas and design proposed scaffold in the required zones. I also complete calculations based on scaffold capabilities to determine the platform is safe and satisfactory for use.

Why did you choose your career path?

Mathematics and physics were always my strong subjects throughout school from a young age. As I continued taking physics at Higher level, I particularly enjoyed the mechanical side, and so decided to study Mechanical Engineering at Robert Gordon University.

Did you have any particular influencers that encouraged you into a STEM career?

I had doubts about studying mechanical engineering as I knew that the classes would be a predominantly male environment, but my careers adviser encouraged me to stick with it. She reassured me that I would enjoy a career where my strengths were best applied, and that my gender wouldn‘t make a difference to how successful I was. I‘m so glad I took her advice. Within my team, I‘m supported by my colleagues who help me to further develop my skills and knowledge.

What’s the best thing about working in a STEM role?

I love working in a STEM role because every day is different - no two designs I work on will be the same, and I relish that challenge. I know that my role contributes to the success of a project, enabling complex workscopes to be carried out efficiently and safely.

Why is it important for us to celebrate women engineers?

It’s our responsibility to shine a light on the industry and prove to young girls that there’s no reason they can’t do it too. We should be encouraging them to shake off any apprehension they feel about entering the engineering environment and work to their strengths.

What would be your advice to young girls considering a career in engineering?

Go for it! The industry needs more female engineers, and the only boundary to your success is you. I love being an engineer - I know that I have the skill set to work anywhere in the world on projects that make a difference to how people live their lives.

Name: Abigail Robertson

Job title: Scaffold Design Engineer

Bilfinger employee since: 2017