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Water Jetting

Water Jetting

Bilfinger Salamis UK has extensive experience in the delivery of High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting projects/support services.

Water jetting is now amongst the most favoured techniques used in surface preparation, tube bundle refurbishment, pipeline descaling and drain maintenance.

We have access to a wide range of water jetting systems, including remotely operated surface preparation systems which reduce personnel exposure and increase efficiency.

Our experienced HP/UHP supervisors and operatives are all trained in water jetting activities in line with the Water Jetting Association Code of Practice.

With a wide range of equipment available, ranging from Rig Safe to Zone 1 and Zone 2, we are capable of mobilising to any installation or facility to carry out water jetting work scopes.

Services include:

  • Caisson Jetting - debris removal

  • Retro jetting

  • UHP jetting surface preparation

  • HP jetting

  • Surface preparation

  • Riser coating inspection

  • Marine growth removal

Innovation - Riser Tool

Bilfinger Salamis UK owns and specifically operates a custom designed water blasting caisson/riser tool for operation within hazardous group 2 offshore environments.


Specialist Jetting Units