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Delivering Integrated Technical Services

Bilfinger Salamis UK's architectural department conduct campaign projects, ad-hoc and planned preventative maintenance for marine and offshore modules. 

With services coming from a single source, we pride ourselves on building co-operative and prosperous working relationships which develop and evolve with our clients' needs.

Our integrated approach includes:

  • Offshore survey/data collection
  • Cost estimates
  • Material specifications
  • Project management 

Offshore Door and Window Maintenance/Replacement



Due to extreme weather, heavy use and modifications to asset requirements, the condition of doors and windows offshore can deteriorate quickly, causing integrity and safety issues.

Bilfinger Salamis UK supply, install, repair and maintain a full range of A, B and H Class fire-rated and acoustic doors and windows used in North Sea environments.  

  • Campaign maintenance programmes and ad-hoc maintenance services
  • Full offshore door surveys and comprehensive survey reports
  • Creation and upkeep of detailed door registers
  • Engineering Solutions and procurement of spares
  • Supply and installation of fire rated and acoustic doors
  • Replacement or retrofit of A, B and H rated windows and vision panels
  • Suppliers and installers of Van Dam, McGeogh Marine Ltd, Momec, Rapp Bomek, Booth Industries, Norac, Interdam Merford BV, Winel and BD Systems doors and parts
  • Temporary refuge integrity testing if required

Bilfinger Salamis has extensive experience working with international regulations, codes and standards when assessing door suitability and setting design stipulations. 

  • ABS Guide for Crew Habitability on Offshore Installations
  • ABS Guidance Notes on the Application of Ergonomics to Marine Systems
  • NORSOK – Architectural Components and Equipment (C-002)
  • Shell Standards – Design of Offshore Living Quarters (DEP
  • DNV Compliance
  • MED Compliance
  • EN 12217 Doors – Operating Forces
  • EN 1154 Building Hardware, Controlled Door Closing Devices

Technical Facilities Management

  Architectural Systems

Maintenance and repair of:

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Furniture systems


Bilfinger Salamis UK is able to offer a full asbestos surveying service. Our inhouse team is able to create asbestos abatement packages for any situation, including surveys, re-surveys, management of existing asbestos removal and encapsulation. Find out more.

  HVAC and Refridgeration Services

  • Air quality analysis and cleaning
  • Noise and vibration regulation
  • System performance audits
  • PFEER TR integrity leakage testing
  • Duct cleaning and general hygiene
  • COSHH LEV 14 month examination and testing

  Electrical and Instrumentation (E & I)

  • Lighting and small power modifications and repairs
  • Annual Pat Testing of portable equipment
  • Fire & Gas detection systems modifications and repairs
  • Telecoms – PA / GA systems modifications and repairs


  • Destruct and removal of redundant plumbing fittings and pipework systems
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of new plumbing fittings and pipework systems