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Integrated IRM

Integrated IRM

The ongoing safe operation of ageing assets is of utmost importance, and companies must ensure they get maximum value from any maintenance work scopes. With operators looking to extend the life of many UKCS platforms and postpone decommissioning, industrial services contractor Bilfinger Salamis UK is at the forefront of the asset life extension market.

Over 40 years’ of supporting oil and gas operators in fabric maintenance work scopes gives Bilfinger Salamis UK unique insight into solving clients’ inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) issues.

The company has invested significantly in products which are carefully selected and developed to carry out any necessary repairs.

“Our technical authorities are constantly searching for innovative products and services to aid clients in their asset management strategies,” said operations director Sandy Bonner.

“We’ve carried out a lot of development in late life coatings for example, positioning us at the front of the market for assets nearing end of life. We supply coatings to specifically meet the proposed life of different assets, anywhere from under three years, to more than 10. These take less time to apply and cure, with a lower level of surface preparation required, less heavy equipment required, and are less labour intensive.”

 “We have invested in in-house asbestos management, our own blasting medium, Bilfinger Grit, and find and fix modifications such as composite wrap systems

“We have recently introduced a new alternative access product – Bilfinger Underdeck Access System (UAS). This underdeck access system provides a flexible yet stable platform to undertake painting, inspection and small bore pipework installation and refurbishment. Bilfinger UAS can be implemented by our trained and competent scaffold team, and its lightweight construction means installation time is reduced compared to traditional systems.”

These products complement Bilfinger Salamis’s end-to-end IRM strategy, which sees the company working with operators on value added scopes. Inspection services, specialist cleaningalternative access and deck services are offered in an integrated package with existing fabric maintenance services such as insulationfire-proofing, and industrial coatings. This ensures maximum operational functionality; limiting downtime, whilst protecting the health and safety of workers and the environment.

“We are able to offer a strategy which assures operators of asset integrity throughout the operational life cycle, using a suite of services including integrity management, survey, inspection, repair and maintenance,” said Mr Bonner.

“Integrated IRM is common on subsea assets as there are real benefits for operators, including reduced interfaces, and time and cost savings. We are able to offer the same benefits on topsides facilities of existing ageing assets.”

Combining these key services allows Bilfinger Salamis UK to reduce interfaces, improving communication lines with clients. The company’s ability to provide multi-task offshore teams means fewer mobilisations are required, and persons-on-board (POB) is reduced, further reducing associated costs.

Bilfinger Salamis UK are using their vast experience on and offshore to ensure that operators in the UKCS can ensure their assets can operate safely and efficiently at all times.