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Advanced NDT

Bilfinger Salamis UK's inspection department has established itself at the forefront of NDT through investment in specialised equipment and the provision of specific training programmes. We recognise the importance of continual innovation and focus on exceeding client and market expectations through investment in our people, and in research and development.

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced NDT systems that individually, or in partnership, provide effective and robust solutions to satisfy the demand for non-intrusive inspection.

Services include:

  • Digital & Computed Radiography
  • Time of Flight Diffraction
  • Phased Array
  • Pulsed Eddy Current
  • Corrosion Mapping

Development of New Technology

We are continuously developing and evaluating new tools and technology. By focusing on the practical applications of new technology we are better able to qualify the real, tangible benefits of new developments and to deliver best-fit solutions.

We continue to evaluate and invest in new, fit-for-purpose technologies and capabilities to provide more efficient and effective ways to deliver conventional solutions, in addition to delivering innovative ways to address more challenging issues.

Bilfinger Salamis UK are participating members of HOIS, which is the prime industry forum for discussing inspection issues and utilising improved inspection technology for applications in oil and gas. The main aim of HOIS is to achieve more reliable and cost effective non-destructive testing techniques in the oil and gas industry and hence improve operational safety. This is achieved by:

  • Developing improved procedures and recommended practices
  • Performing independent evaluation trials to assess techniques and understand benefits and limitations
  • Collaborative development of inspection techniques and inspection technology
  • Provision of an internet-accessible source of information on inspection techniques, both advanced and conventional.

By working in close partnership with the leading NDT solutions manufacturers, advanced NDT providers and taking an active lead in collaborative research through trade organisations such as HOIS, we can ensure we never compromise on our commitment to provide best-fit solutions, thereby reducing uncertainty, improving confidence and ultimately extending asset life and reducing costs.

Laser Surveying and Modelling

Bilfinger Salamis UK has entered into a strategic partnership with UTEC StarNet to deliver innovative laser surveying solutions to the offshore market. UTEC has a unique proposition incorporating both laser and optical scanners, which can deliver rapid scanning capability and powerful software 3-D modelling capability. The solutions can readily be integrated into client's existing systems and form a key part of their Integrity Management strategy.


Archie Crawford

Archie Crawford

Technical Authority - NDT

Telefon: +44 1224 246337

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