Bilfinger Salamis UK Limited


Bilfinger Grit

As asset integrity and fabric maintenance continue to be at the forefront of operator’s concerns, Bilfinger Salamis UK has developed an innovative, sustainable and inexpensive alternative abrasive for blasting work and surface preparation.

Garnet is often preferred for grit-blasting the surfaces of steel. This grit occurs only in India, Australia and China, reserves are finite and demand is growing. This situation is exacerbated by the long transport distances, high logistic expenses and environmental strain. In addition, usually the waste sand must be collected after the blasting process and recycled for environmental and economic reasons.

Innovative Solution

Bilfinger Grit is a new blend of grit, specifically engineered for effective use in both dry and wet blast operations. Following extensive testing, Bilfinger Salamis UK, in partnership with Hodge Clemco Ltd, has developed a 50:50 mix of crushed recycled glass with specific properties and pure granulated furnace slag as an alternative.


Bilfinger Grit is substantially less expensive - up to 50% per tonne cheaper than traditional garnet grit. Also, as Bilfinger Grit gives greater coverage rates, up to 15% less of the material is required per square metre compared with conventional abrasive media.

A lower cost nozzle is used, which as well as being easier to use, allows for better access in confined spaces.

Low Carbon Footprint

Bilfinger Grit is environmentally friendly as the two substances from which it is made are the by-products of normal production processes in the United Kingdom and are available in practically unlimited amounts.

As there are no long transport distances, the new product also makes a contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and to climate protection. Additionally, the use of artificial abrasive media enables more sparing use to be made of the natural reserves of garnet.

Bilfinger Grit is unique to Bilfinger Salamis UK, and we are proud that our innovation is aiding our clients on their onshore and offshore blasting and painting campaigns; reducing their costs, as well as reducing environmental impact.


 • Made from a variety of glasses to ensure very low free silica - suitable for use on aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steels and duplex steels

• Abundant supply, from a sustainable source

• Greater coverage rate than garnet - reducing the quantity of materials needed by up to 15%

• Regular blast pattern with less shadowing

• Results achieved at lower pressures - reducing compressed air energy costs

• Low carbon footprint