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Safety First: Gold Award Winners


Bilfinger Salamis UK has won the Gold Award for its commitment to occupational safety at the 2017 global Bilfinger Safety Awards.

The company was recognised by the judges for the demonstrable effect its "Safety Control Loop" has had on workforce engagement and safety performance.

65 teams from throughout the Bilfinger group applied withoccupational safety projects, ten of which made the final shortlist. 

Managing Director Sandy Bonner commented: "Safety is everyone’s responsibility and it is at the core of everything we do at Bilfinger. Our goal is to maintain levels of engagement and deliver safety excellence.

"This award is fantastic news, and testament to the constant focus we put into safety."

The company received a trophy, and a cheque for €3,000 to be invested in further driving safety innovation.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and it is at the core of everything we do at Bilfinger. Our goal is to maintain levels of engagement and deliver safety excellence.

Safety Control Loop League Table

In sport, teams strive to be the best and reach the top of their respective league tables, whether in football, motor sport or the Olympics.

Using that idea, Bilfinger Salamis UK created the safety performance League Table, linked to its Safety Control Loop, creating a competitive edge between project teams.

The Safety Control Loop measures the safety energy going into contracts encouraging more positive interaction between supervision and the workforce. Through the point based system for ‘leading indicators’, each project team is scored and awarded pointed for the positive safety energy that they put into their day-to-day work, including management visits, toolbox talks, peer audits and safety meetings.

Points are deducted for the ‘lagging indicators’ e.g. LTI, RWC/MTC, Environmental Incidents, Incidents and Rule Violations.This provides an overall safety performance score per project. The distribution of Monthly League Table has resulted in projects competing to improve their rankings as they strive to be top of the league.

Since the introduction of the league, the company has seen numerous projects improve and teams take a greater personal interest in their own safety performance.

Bilfinger Safety Awards

A jury made up of Bilfinger's Executive Board, HSEQ officers and two customer representatives, Dr. Thomas Nöbel, Global Corporate Audit Manager at BASF, and Dr. Karl Fred Wörner, Global HSE Leader at Celanese, selected the winners of the Safety Awards.

Bilfinger CEO Tom Blades and Labour Director Michael Bernhardt presented the gold, silver and bronze Safety Awards to the Executive Presidents of the divisions and regions.

“We are very pleased with the number and the variety of contributions,” says Michael Bernhardt, Executive Board member responsible for HSEQ. Contributions.

Tom Blades added: "The winners of our Safety Awards are role models who inspire us to integrate occupational safety ever more effectively into our daily working life."

Bilfinger Salamis UK's HSEQ team

Bilfinger Salamis UK Managing Director Sandy Bonner and HSEQ Director Andrew Reeve with the Bilfinger Gold Safety Award