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Act Safely

Act Safely

Safety is Good Business

At Bilfinger safety is our number one priority and whilst we have robust systems and processes in place to protect our people, this is not enough.

Our Act Safely programme encourages staff to deliver safety excellence through cultural change that will ensure that everyone who works for us displays the right behaviours and makes the working environment a safer place.

Through the use of Act Safely we want to ensure that everyone understands their responsibilities for safety and knows what behaviours we expect to see whilst working for Bilfinger Salamis UK.

The programme brings great opportunities for us to focus on our safety performance, work environment and, most importantly, our safety culture. 

Now is the time for us to play our part - please work with us to make Act Safely a real improvement tool.

Safety Charter

The first element is the Act Safely Charter. This is based on four cornerstones:

Each of these four cornerstones is then subdivided into four behaviour statements. All employees are required to sign a commitment to these statements and then display them through their actions.

The statements are based on doing the right thing and acting in a concerned manner to those around you.

A second set of behaviour statements have been developed for anyone in a leadership position, this would include anyone who is a supervisor or manager.

Safe Cards

The next element of Act Safely is the is the use of Safe Cards (or client equivalents) to eliminate hazards from the workplace.

Act Safely simple requires that when you see a hazard you deal with it, if safe to do so, or report it to your supervisor for action, and in all cases record your observation.

Peer Audits

The third element of Act Safely is Peer Audits. The purpose of a peer audit is to watch work being carried out and observe both best practice and areas of risk. Feedback will be given at the end of the audit to review what has been noted.

Active Coaching

The last element of the Act Safely programme is active coaching. The whole point of Act Safely is to change safety behaviours and bring about a safer working environment. Under Act Safely we will not be confrontational or judgemental, but talk to employees about how safe our workplace and work activities are.

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